Aia Agreements between Owner Architect

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AIA, or the American Institute of Architects, produces a standard set of contracts that can be used in the construction industry. These contracts are meant to govern the relationships between the owner, architect, and contractor during the construction phase.

One of the most important agreements between an owner and an architect is the AIA Owner-Architect Agreement. This agreement is used to define the scope of work, establish the architect`s responsibilities, and set a fee for the architect`s services.

There are several types of AIA Owner-Architect Agreements available, depending on the specific project needs. These agreements include the Basic Services Agreement, Supplemental Services Agreement, and Short Form Agreement.

The Basic Services Agreement is the most commonly used type of AIA Owner-Architect Agreement. This agreement outlines the architect`s responsibilities, including design development, construction documentation, and construction contract administration. It also includes a fee schedule and establishes the architect`s liability.

The Supplemental Services Agreement is used when additional services are required beyond the scope of the Basic Services Agreement. These services may include sustainability consulting, building information modeling, or construction management.

The Short Form Agreement is a simplified version of the Basic Services Agreement. It is often used for smaller projects or when time is of the essence. This agreement includes the architect`s basic services, fee schedule, and liability provisions.

In addition to the AIA Owner-Architect Agreement, there are other contracts that may be used during the construction phase. These include the AIA Contractor Agreement and the AIA Subcontractor Agreement. These agreements are used to define the relationships between the contractor, subcontractors, and the owner.

Overall, the use of AIA agreements between owner and architect is essential for effective communication and project management during the construction phase. These agreements help to establish clear responsibilities, fees, and liabilities, and ensure that the project is completed to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

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